COVID-19 Update: Evedo is here to help everyone who is moving their events online.

Sell tickets & attend events securely with low commission.

Create events in minutes and maximize your reach with our built-in tools.
The eventolution has begun! Soon on Blockchain!

The Event Management & Ticketing Platform of the future is here

Create, host, & promote events with evedo's complete platform. Sell your tickets with 0% commission and get paid fast. Our statistics feature lets you learn and do better every time. For your attendees the event starts from the ticket buying process and we make it a breeze.

Evedo Ticketing is feature-rich, powerful and ever-growing. We remove the head-ache from executing the event and help you focus on the good stuff.
Creating an event is a breeze
Help goes discover your event
Promote & share your event
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Discover Events

Discovering events that you will love is just a search away. Buying tickets is as easy as buying a gum. You can save your favourite search terms in "Lists" or take advantage of the ones which are "Recommended for you" or "Newest in town".

Search for events

Events by location, tag and / or category

Save your favourite search terms for later by adding them to a "List". Or take advantage of our pre-build lists: "Recommended for you" or "New in town".


Stay organized with our calendar and reminders for upcoming events

Our built-in calendar functionality will help you keep track of everything you've set out to attend.


Get new notifications for anything new happening around your area

Don't miss nearby events that you'll enjoy with our massive notifications customization.

Share & Promote

Share events with others to help them have a great time too

We're all in this together. Help others discover the awesome events you and your friends are attending.

Enjoy effortless experiences

We don't like complications. Everything from the sign-up process to creating your first event is child's play. Sell / Buy tickets with one click. Discover the events you'll love for sure.

Connect with people

Find like-minded people and share recommendations to attend events that already have social proof.

Message Friends

Found an event you'd like to invite your friends to? Our built-in chat functionality is here to the rescue.

Post Reviews

Ecstatic about the party last night? Or maybe pleased by a meet-up's organisation? Share your experience.

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Create your own events with ease in minutes

Our step by step process and simplified user experience will leave you in "aah" when you see your event listed in a snap of your fingers

Create & host your own events.

With our event creator you can have an event ready to rock & roll in less then 5 minutes. Paid or Free.

Import an existing facebook event

Have an event on facebook but you want more exposure and easier way to sell tickets? Checked.

Sell tickets with ease

Sell tickets with different price ranges. Ideal for early bird stages or for different seat placements.

Share & Promote your event via social networks

Our built-in promotion tool is integrated with the most popular social networks.

Find & invite venues, talent or suppliers to participate in your event.

Our marketplace is in the oven. So you'll be able to scout for talent, search & book venues or rental companies right from evedo's platform.

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