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Elevating Communities Through Web3

Evedo combines the potential of the newest blockchain tech into an ecosystem of products, providing complete solutions to all actors in the event & entertainment industry.
Easily Transferred
Instantly settled
Secure and semi-private

Community Involvement
Decentralised Governance
Voting and Transparency
Real time data
Custody ownership
Education improvement

Supercharging Industry Movers

How do you thrive in an industry that never stands still? By being on top of hot trends & emerging technologies.


Supporting creators, performers & celebrities with market & growth opportunities.


Bridging the gap between patrons and their favourite experiences & stars in a safe & innovative way.


Enabling organizers to efficiently blueprint & execute amazing events.

Blockchain Pioneers

Deploying novel crypto & NFT tech to stimulate adoption within the industry.

A Growing System of Tools Uniquely Positioned to Remove Roadblocks & Make Your Life Easier

Evedo Ecosystem spans though the events & entertainment industries.

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The Global Event Platform for Social Explorers

Plentix streamlines the event organization process and connects social explorers by  discovering, booking, and sharing events.

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The Ultimate Hub for all Events Participants

A B2B marketplace for businesses in the event & entertainment industries to connect and collaborate using blockchain technology.

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The Minting & Auction Platform for Fragmentable NFTs

The Fragmint Platform provides a unique way of conceptualising, minting, and auctioning NFT's combining fragmented art and DAO structures

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A Launchpad for Event & Entertainment Ventures

The only way to make a meaningful and lasting change in the world of Events & Entertainment is to work side by side. Ideas are what drives innovation and we help ideas happen.

Performer learning to play instrument
Eved Token utility explained in a diagram

Powerful and innovative —EVED Token

From transactions, discounts and staking to premium features and utilizating the most out of the products.

Leadership Team

Our team is constantly expanding
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Stoyan Angelov
Chief Executive
Rick Graham
Chief Technology
George Chisuse
chief Legal
Anton Aladzhov
chief Creative
Andon Andonov
chief Marketing

Blockchain Tech in The Real World

Technology is meaningless if it's not used properly. Blockchain has been used as a buzzword for far too long and we're making sure everything we use it for becomes better as a result.

The Ticketing Market Is Being Disrupted As We Speak

a new form of art using blockchain is emerging

A new stage for performers and venue owners to shine

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