EVED Token — powering the Evedo ecosystem


A Native token For Evedo Ecosystem

The Evedo Ecosystem combines leading expertise, the newest blockchain tech and a global network of approved partners.

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The EVED token is planned to have a special locked out of circulation mechanism added the more the token is used. It is non-mintable as well as multi-chain with more blockchains to be added.

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Powering the Future With EVED

Eved Token is an integral part of the evedo ecosystem economy. It streamlines interaction between all parties within the event & entertainment industry by facilitating safe, fast & low-cost transactions.


EVED use has benefits across all applications of the ecosystem

Premium Features & Accounts

EVED token will be key in unlocking premium features and account access tiers across multiple Evedo Ecosystem platforms.

Performance marketing

Use EVED in targeted advertising to enhance the user experience in Plentix and Gigix - our B2C & B2B event platforms.

Ticket Sales & NFT Tickets

EVED will enable low to zero commission mechanisms for Plentix & NFT ticket sales processes.

Event & Artist Fundraising

EVED enables Gigix fundraising & DeFI functionalities, controlled by the allocation amount acquired from the invested pool.

Staking & Long-term lock

EVED will employ a long-term lock mechanism for every use of the token in the platforms. Plus any user could be able to stake the token for additional benefits.

Where to buy EVED?

EVED Token is available on a number of leading centralized & decentralized exchanges.

Where To Store EVED?

You can store EVED in any ERC-20 or HRC-20 compliant wallet. We recommend the following:

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