FRAG Token — Governance for Fragmint


Native Token for The Fragmint Platform

A deflationary token that drives the platform's economy, introduces gamifinication and enables DAO governance abilities.

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$FRAG is designed as the main currency used in auctions which stimulates its deflationary nature. Burning of tokens occurs in a number of instances via micro transactions in the platform.

total supply
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Token Allocation


From auction bids to voting rights, $FRAG token holders will be able to unlock key functionalities of the platform by holding certain amounts.

Features & Account Levels

EVED will be the key to unlock premium feautes as well as higher account level tiers accross multiple of evedo’s platforms.


FRAG facilitates DAO creation, transactions and staking to ensure maximum value for members.

in-app Governance

EVED will be integrated into the ticket sale process for Plentix as well as any NFT tickets created will be also related to EVED toekn.

Where to buy FRAG?

FRAG is still in Private Sale. But after listing you'd be able to find in on most DEX platforms for Binance Smart Chain, like Pancake swap.

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