Evedo Company Overview

We combine the knowledge of decades of industry experience with progressive technology to empower all parties in the events and entertainment industries. Through Web3 innovation, we provide a symbiotic network of products for a better, smarter future.

Passionate Builders

We are a passion-fueled team of creators, engineers, and trailblazers. We unite around a dream we build together, a global future we believe in and values we aspire to.

Web3 Pioneers

Our prodcuts reflect the potential we see in the present. We strive to contribute to the global blockchain adoption and be an example of a sustainable Web3 solution.

Symbiotic Ecosystem

The ecosystem is an intertwined matrix of services constantly expanding the connection between one another. Each feature serves a purpose in the route of uncovering the new world's capabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission as one of the pioneers in our niche is to enable creators, builders and enthusiasts in a safe and improved environment.

Strong Vision For The Future

Our goal is to lead the evolution of community-centric innovation, through a smart fair and transparent ecosystem.

A brief history of Evedo

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The Idea was born and had its first investor on a concept stage - Rui Dong.

The cofounders rented a coworking, coliving place and started developing. Not too late after Rick Graham flew in from Canada to become the CTO.

Brought together a top-level advisory board.

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Evedo included in the Master Ventures Accelerator.
First working version of the B2C & B2B Platforms released live.
EVED token launched its life as and IEO on Bitforex.
Evedo was recognised as the best blockchain startup by CESA Awards

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Evedo saw the need and launched a video conferencing tool.
EVED Token listed on Uniswap.
Evedo partnered with Tomorrowland though its ticketing platform for the organizer's digital festival.
Evedo got featured in Forbes Bulgaria.
More than 1000 events created.
14 team members joined.

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EVED Token continued with it's listings on ZBX.
More events and organizers onboarded.
The idea for Fragmint was initiated.
20 team members joined the team.

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Fragmint locked the first big partnership to do first drop on the platform with a global partner.
Frag token had a private and public sales.
Introducing the idea for DeFI crowd funding via blockchain.
Evedo expanded operations in terms of location and team members.

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Continue to grow and scale the platforms.
Expanding on the idea of Evedo Ventures - to support innovative teams building for the event's and entertainment industries.

Leadership Team

Our team is constantly expanding
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Stoyan Angelov
Chief Executive
Rick Graham
Chief Technology
George Chisuse
chief Legal
Anton Aladzhov
chief Creative
Andon Andonov
chief Marketing

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